will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood
clean from my hand?
no, this my hand will rather
the multitudinous seas in incarnadine,
making the green one red.
macbeth, william shakespeare|

welcome to incarnadine, my personal collection of animation cels (currently under development). the gallery is named "incarnadine" for a reason; blood red is my favourite colour, one i find terribly appealing in its physical and symbolic senses. hence a name that is tailor-made for my small gallery (mostly of fey, witty, and/or smouldering animated males).

to all fellow collectors, might i share the words of a wise woman [and collector] who once said: "the second you talk to someone else about this 'hobby' is the moment you realize you're insane." that says it all, ne?

News & Updates

3/4/2004Over a year since I updated this site... and the private gallery is still not done. Sigh. I think I'm going to reopen this place up for a while and clean things up. We'll see where we go from there.
12/31/2002GREN GREN GREN! what a way to begin 2003.
12/24/2002a private christmas eve update just for tara-chan!
11/9/2002so even though i haven't updated and closed the gallery, you peeps have been sneaking in! sneaky. tsk. my tamahome cel has been sold, so he's no longer around. i'll make a page for the dearly departed once i get my own gallery up and running. i wonder if anyone else out there has a saiyuki hanken genga? *cough* that's what y'all can expect in the next update. hopefully it won't be soggy with drool by then. so much updating to do... and no laptop to do it with. sigh.

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Title Last Updated
A Case of Mistaken Identity... 9/2/2002
Bakuretsu Hunters 8/4/2002
CLAMP Campus Detectives 8/15/2002
Cowboy Bebop 8/15/2002
Escaflowne 9/2/2002
Gensomaden Saiyuki 8/4/2002
Gundam 3/6/2002
Magic Knight Rayearth 7/10/2002
Mamono Hunter Yohko 9/1/2002
Nightwalker 9/1/2002
Ranma 1/2 5/19/2002
Sailor Moon 9/4/2002
Shamanic Princess 2/23/2003
Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna 2/23/2003
Tennimon 6/9/2002
Trigun 8/30/2002
Wasabishounen 9/1/2002
Watase Yuu Series 11/16/2002

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Gallery Created: 1/12/2002
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